Data Process Outsourcing gets you the most out of your Big Data

Helping you get the most out of big data

Helping you get the most out of big data

Making decisions that are backed by hard data has proved to be a strategic revolution in business. So companies are faced with a constant challenge: you always need more data — more information to make good business decisions. Whereas some of this data can be collected from within your ecosystem, much of it exists outside, often somewhere out on the internet. Collecting this data and converting it to information that can be used is still a difficult process that is largely manual in most companies.

This is where Data Process Outsourcing (DPO), imagine a BPO for big data, can make it easy to collect, clean, integrate, and analyze outside sources of data with your internal ecosystem.

When considering a partner to outsource your Data Process, it is helpful to evaluate their ability at each phase of the process: collection, cleaning, and integration.

A great partner for DPO should be able to:

1. Collect data efficiently and at scale and handle sudden changes in outside data sources smoothly.

2. Have a strategy for cleaning that is both cost-effective and accurate.

3. Be able to integrate collected data with your existing data and workflows at a low cost.

With these things in mind, we would like to put our team forward as a capable partner for your DPO needs.

Goalist, a startup from Japan, with almost 10 years history and over 300 clients in total is now opening services to markets outside Japan with their new service titled “Datist”.

The company was founded in January 2011, by Ryo Kato an experienced intrapreneur in the HR industry. Using that experience, the company has since created a strong foundation in data collection and analysis. In fact, we recently undertook joint research with MIT that used data we provided to conduct an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on jobs in Japan.

The skills and technical expertise that make Datist a great option for your DPO needs are as follows:

1. The ability to gather and structure data from the web using flexible crawlers.

Crawling billions of pages and extracting data from thousands of different websites has enabled the engineers at Datist to develop a flexible crawling engine that requires minimal intervention to adapt to extract data from new websites.

2. A Data Cleaning process that uses both AI and Humans together.

Ensuring the quality of terabytes of data requires a delicate balance between efficiency provided by AI and corrections provided by humans. The Datist team leverages this combination to optimize for both cost and accuracy.

3. A proven track record of data delivery that works well with existing data and workflows.

In the span of almost 10 years, our company has served more than 300 different clients and successfully implemented customized data process workflows that smoothly integrate with our clients’ existing processes. Our retention rate is consistently over 90%. We believe that this demonstrates our ability to deliver the data you need, when you need it, and in the form that is most useful to you.

At Datist, we are committed to not only setting up this process, but also maintaining smooth operations to ensure that your data is consistently kept up to date. When gathering information from a host of outside sources, changes that seem infrequent in isolation can quickly add up into a big hassle when managing it in-house. Our process is designed to handle these issues in a manner that does not disrupt your workflow.

If the Data Process Outsourcing skills that we have to offer seem like they can add value to your business, and help you get the most out of your big data, do reach out to us.
You can learn more about our service at

Goalist Co.,Ltd.

Founder: Ryo Kato
Address: 7th Floor, 1-18, Urban Square Kanda Building, Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
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Goalist is a startup based in Tokyo. Our mission is to be a professional team that leads
individuals and organizations to their goals. Our core business is HR Big Data services. We utilize our proprietary technology to collect data from recruitment platforms all over Japan. After establishing leadership in this niche, we are now widening our focus to both other industries as well as other countries.

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