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Bron: Tuxis B.V.

What most people don’t know, is that Infscape also has backup appliances. Those appliances are pre-installed Debian machines with a special version of UrBackup that might make things a little easier for some administrator that don’t want to fiddle with operating systems too much.

What’s so special about this appliance that Tuxis must blog about it? The appliance supports Cloudstorage. We happen to have a product that is compatible, daDup! Infscapes UrBackup Appliance is able to talk to daDup’s S3-API, making it possible to store your backups for only € 0,012 per GB.

The Appliance uses a local disk as cache and nicely syncs the backups to the cloudstorage, encrypting and compressing as it goes.

Dit bericht is afkomstig van één van de leden van ISP Connect, zie hier de bron.

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