Thunderbird on Android Plans Announced

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Open source, cross-platform email client Thunderbird has announced plans to provide Thunderbird on Android and iOS devices. 

According to Jason Evangelho in the announcement,  K-9 Mail has officially joined the Thunderbird family and will ultimately transform into Thunderbird on Android. Additionally, K-9 Mail’s project maintainer, Christian Ketterer, has joined the Thunderbird staff.

“This move allows Thunderbird users to have a powerful, privacy-respecting email experience today on Android. Plus, it lets the community help shape the transition of K-9 Mail into a fully featured mobile Thunderbird experience,” Evangelho says.

Planned features include:

  • Account setup using Thunderbird account auto-configuration.
  • Improved folder management.
  • Support for message filters.
  • Syncing between desktop and mobile Thunderbird.

Check out the Thunderbird + K-9 Mail FAQ for more details.

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