Twitter Now “Irrelevant” in Open Source

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Like almost all modern software companies, Twitter depends on open source, says Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. In the aftermath of Elon Musk’s purchase, however, the company’s relationship to open source has shifted dramatically.

Will Norris, Twitter’s former open source lead, “believes Twitter has become irrelevant in open source communities.” In an exclusive interview with Vaughan-Nichols, Norris said: “Open source communities are built on relationships and trust, and now Twitter has neither with these groups. They’ve lost any ability to participate meaningfully in those communities.” 

What’s more, Twitter’s own open source projects are likely to suffer. Norris told Vaughan-Nichols that he doesn’t expect Twitter “to continue maintaining these projects, at least not at the levels they were before. So realistically, all of those projects probably need to be forked and moved to a new home, but that’s going to be a messy process and potentially very disruptive.”

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Dit bericht verscheen eerder bij FOSSlife

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