Hotpatch is now generally available on Windows Server VMs on Azure with the Desktop Experience installation mode

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Source is Azure Business News

Hotpatch is now available for Windows Server Azure Edition VMs with Desktop Experience installation mode using the newly released image. Hotpatch is a feature that allows you to patch and install OS security updates to Windows Server Azure Edition virtual machines on Azure without requiring a reboot! 

It was previously available for the Server Core installation mode, but now, Windows Server Azure Edition VMs installed with the Desktop Experience installation mode (the Windows Explorer shell, Start Menu, etc.) will no longer reboot every month for security updates, providing:

  • Lower workload impact with less reboots
  • Faster deployment of updates as the packages are smaller, install faster, and have easier patch orchestration with Azure Update Manager
  • Better protection, as the Hotpatch update packages are scoped to Windows security updates that install faster without rebooting

Calls to action:

  1. Try out Hotpatch today by using the new released images of Windows Server Azure Edition VMs on Azure
  2. Learn more in the blog and documentation

Source is Azure Business News

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