Huawei Cloud Partner Ecosystem Sets Course for Innovation and Growth in 2024

Huawei Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Houten, 7-12-2023 – Huawei, a stalwart in Europe for the past 23 years, unveiled an intriguing outlook for the Huawei Cloud Partner Ecosystem in 2024 during a dynamic presentation today. Edward van Katwijk, Senior Business Development, Huawei Cloud Netherlands, delivered a compelling lecture on this subject at the CloudExpo in Houten. With a significant contribution to the European economy in 2021, Huawei solidifies its position as a trusted partner for businesses and organizations across diverse sectors.

European Impact and Progress

Aligned with Huawei’s continuity and growth in Europe, Copenhagen Economics confirms the substantial influence on the European economy, with Huawei directly and indirectly involved in jobs in the supply chain in since 2021. Huawei’s commitment to the European market is reflected in the ongoing focus on advanced infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and in-depth expertise within Huawei Cloud.

Successes and Synergy with Partners

Huawei celebrates not only its own success but also the power of collaboration with partners. With impressive year-on-year revenue growth in the last three years, Huawei, alongside its partners, has served top players in various sectors, including financial institutions, automotive, media, e-commerce, and gaming, with groundbreaking Huawei Cloud solutions.

Strength of the Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN)

Huawei emphasizes the crucial role of the Huawei Cloud Partner Network (HCPN) in achieving these successes. Through a revision of the partner network framework, Huawei ensures even better support and resources for its partners. Striking elements within the HCPN include the GoCloud programs, supporting partners in building offerings, developing competencies, and creating added value.

Innovative Incentives and Partnership

The Huawei Cloud partnership goes beyond technology. The Software Partner program, aimed at supporting Huawei Cloud’s strategy in cloud infrastructures and PaaS services, was highlighted. As a sign of forward-thinking, Huawei announced ambitious incentive programs in 2024, including the Partner Customer Engagement program, Migration Acceleration program, MSP Cloud Transformation Support program, and the Enterprise Discount program.

Future Vision and Dedication to Progress

Huawei concludes with a powerful commitment to continually enhance its partner programs and offer more benefits to partners. As evidence of this dedication, the launch of the European Partner GTM Center in 2024 was announced, which will provide GTM support with materials and campaigns.

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