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The use of generative AI is rapidly becoming widespread, particularly for programming, according to a recent survey from O’Reilly

Mike Loukides reports that “two-thirds of our survey’s respondents (67%) report that their companies are using generative AI.” Additionally:

  • 41% say their companies have been using AI for a year or more. 
  • 26% say their companies have been using AI for less than a year. 
  • 33% report that their companies aren’t using AI at all.
  • 16% of respondents working with AI are using open source models.

“We’ve never seen a technology adopted as fast as generative AI — it’s hard to believe that ChatGPT is barely a year old,” Loukides says. 

“The most common application of generative AI is in programming, using tools like GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT,” he says, as 77% of respondents report using AI as an aid in programming. 

The recent State of Developer Ecosystem 2023 report from JetBrains shows similar use, with findings that show:

  • 77% of developers use ChatGPT.
  • 46% of developers use GitHub Copilot.

Corresponding with this rapid adoption, AI programming (66%) and data analysis (59%) skills are the most needed, according to O’Reilly survey respondents. The biggest risks associated with AI use, they note, involve: unexpected outcomes, security, safety, fairness and bias, and privacy.

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Dit bericht verscheen eerder bij FOSSlife

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