Arcadiz and AFIBER cooperation

Arcadiz and AFIBER cooperation

September 17, 2019

Arcadiz is a leading optical Network Integrator with experience in designing, building, maintaining and monitoring business critical telecommunication networks. AFIBER and Arcadiz are working together on a variety of projects and clients.

As such, Arcadiz and AFIBER have realized network integrations with the most advanced optical equipment to help meet our customers’ ever-growing demand for bandwidth and redundancy.


Service Providers are facing the challenge, on the one hand to deliver high-capacity services across the same infrastructure, fast and cost-efficiently for the corporate market (1GbE to 100G), and on the other hand to provide business, residential and mobile back-haul services. This requires a network infrastructure that is reliable, secure and scalable. Optical networks, provided with encryption, are ideally suited to deliver various services across the same infrastructure.


As a specialist in the area of optical networks, Arcadiz helps organizations to identify the preeminent and most economical solution, customers include Binck Bank, Atos Origin, Cegeka, Police and various Hospitals.


Bandwidth, latency, security, availability and price are considered for each customer’s scenario in order to achieve the best possible architecture, whilst guaranteeing 99.9995% uptime.


Jochem de Gruyter – CEO AFIBER
“Together with the Arcadiz’ team we have identified segments where our joint solutions and services perfectly match those high level customer requirements. We both focus on increasing success, efficiency and security for our customers and we will further extend our cooperation in various market segments. I would like to thank the Arcadiz leadership team and organization for their dedicated efforts in realizing great team work, advanced technology driven solutions and customer focus.”

In addition to a robust design and project implementation, Arcadiz manages the networks of its customers 24/7 from its NOC. Distortions are corrected before the customer reports them. Arcadiz is also experienced in Open Line Systems, whereby disintegration of the optical network is possible and alien wavelengths can be transported across an open optical layer. More information on Arcadiz, visit


Interested in secure optical connectivity to your business site, office, cloud or data center? Get in touch at or +31(0)20 225 0025


AFIBER empowers clients with software controlled, network-independent optical transmission services. We operate fiber networks with elastic optical transmission capabilities. Our clients range from national SMB’s to global enterprises with over $100bn in yearly revenues.


AFIBER services are built on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology and connectivity efficiencies to allow customers integrate, distribute and manage high performance data transport across organizations, data centers and customers more effectively.


For more information learn more or get in touch.

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