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You can now learn how to use Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics with the Using Amazon Chime Call Analytics Workshop, a recent addition to AWS Workshops, a growing collection of self-paced tutorials designed to teach practical skills and techniques to solve business problems with AWS.

Why do businesses need analytics on calls?

Organizations that rely on phone conversations to engage with their clients often want to improve these customer experiences, understand customer behavior, increase employee productivity, ensure compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements, and reduce compliance costs. For example, banks can use Amazon Chime SDK’s real-time call analytics to record loan officer conversations, generate real-time transcripts and verify compliance.

What is Amazon Chime SDK?

The Amazon Chime SDK is a powerful set of real-time communication APIs and SDKs that empowers developers to seamlessly integrate high-quality audio, video, screen sharing and programmable telephony capabilities into their applications.

What is Amazon Chime Voice Connector?

Amazon Chime Voice Connector is a SIP trunking service that allows customers to connect their on-premises PBX (Phone Branch Exchange), cloud-based telephony platforms and contact centers to Amazon AI/ML services, as well as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Using the self-service Amazon management console or AWS CLI, you can configure Amazon Chime Voice Connector to send/receive via SIP (or PSTN) without service order delays or trunk set-up fees.

You can readily integrate Amazon Chime Voice Connectors with Amazon AI/ML services such as Amazon Transcribe to convert phone-calls to text that is passed to Amazon Comprehend to uncover valuable insights and connections. Voice Connector workflows can also include intelligent conversational chatbots powered by Amazon Lex that can interact dynamically with callers using Amazon Polly’s synthesized, high-quality, natural-sounding human speech.

What is Amazon Chime SDK call analytics?

Amazon Chime SDK call analytics helps you extract insights from voice conversations via Amazon machine learning (ML) integrations via Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, while speaker search/voice tone analysis can be used to identify the speaker and sentiment from the user’s voice. The resulting insights from Amazon Chime SDK call analytics can be presented in Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics to agents and supervisors during the call. For example, alerts can be sent to a supervisor if a customer’s sentiment takes a negative turn. Analytics collected during the call can be streamed into an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data lake, where they can be queried via Amazon Athena and AWS Glue Data Catalog and visualized using business intelligence tools such as Amazon QuickSight. Additionally, you can record voice conversations and call meta data to the S3 bucket of your choice.

Who is Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics for?

Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics can benefit customers serving a wide range of industries, including customer service and support, sales and marketing, healthcare, finance, and contact centers. Typical customers have mature on-premises or cloud-based call centers that lack these native capabilities.

How can I learn how to deploy and use Amazon Chime SDK real-time call analytics?

The Using Amazon Chime SDK Call Analytics Workshop walks you through a series of hands-on exercises that explain how to configure any Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector to extract insights and analytics from phone calls. The Workshop’s interactive modules provide step-by-step instructions via the AWS Console with the option for more advanced builders to use the Amazon CLI and the Amazon Chime SDK’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

In Section 1 of the Workshop, you’ll generate transcriptions in real-time from phone calls using the built-in integration with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics.

Call Analytics with Amazon Transcribe

Section 2 walks you through enabling our machine learning (ML) powered, real-time voice tone analysis to categorize the sentiments of callers.

Amazon Chime SDK Console showing Call Analytics with voice analytics

Call Analytics with voice analytics

In Section 3, you’ll generate recordings from phone calls and store them as audio-files (with metadata) in Amazon S3 for post-call analysis, training and compliance.

Amazon Chime SDK Console showing Call Analytics with call recording

Call Analytics with call recording

With the techniques you learn in this AWS Workshop, you’ll be ready to add call analytics to any Amazon Chime SDK Voice Connector. Once you can extract business insights from voice conversations, you can use this data to help improve caller experiences, increase employee productivity, and reduce compliance costs.

To get started, visit the Using Amazon Chime Call Analytics Workshop. You can use call analytics in us-east-1 (N. Virginia), us-west-2 (Oregon), and eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) AWS Regions. To learn more about the Amazon Chime SDK, visit the Amazon Chime SDK product page.

Source is Amazon Business Productivity

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