Overview of the Proposed Securing Open Source Software Act

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A bill underscoring the importance of securing open source software is currently pending in the United State Senate, reports Pete Raumann.

This bill (Securing Open Source Software Act of 2023) aims to “establish the duties of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) concerning open source software security,” Raumann explains. In doing so, it also “highlights the value of the open source community as contributors to ‘a secure, healthy, vibrant, and resilient open source software ecosystem that is crucial for ensuring the national security and economic vitality of the United States.”

In this article, Raumann provides a clear overview of the proposed Securing Open Source Software Act, which generally outlines the role of CISA in engaging with the open source community and “includes provisions for the development of a risk assessment framework for open source software components.”  

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Dit bericht verscheen eerder bij FOSSlife

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