General availability: Gateway Load Balancer IPv6 Support

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Source is Azure Business News

Azure Gateway Load Balancer now supports IPv6 traffic, enabling you to distribute IPv6 traffic through Gateway Load Balancer before it reaches your dual-stack applications. 

With this support, you can now add IPv6 frontend IP addresses and backend pools to Gateway Load Balancer. This allows you to inspect, protect, or mirror both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic flows using third-party or custom network virtual appliances (NVAs). Both internet inbound and outbound IPv6 traffic flows can now be routed through Gateway Load Balancer. 

To get started, refer to our new documentation on how to add IPv6 support to your existing Gateway Load Balancer deployment. 

This feature is now generally available in all public regions, Azure China cloud regions, and Azure Government cloud regions. 

Learn more about Gateway Load Balancer.

Source is Azure Business News

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