Azure IoT Edge supports Ubuntu Core Snaps

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Source is Azure Business News

In collaboration with Canonical, we are addressing a longstanding request from our shared customers to support Ubuntu Core Snaps in Azure IoT Edge.  We are happy to share that the Tier 1 supported operating systems for Azure IoT Edge has been expanded to include Ubuntu Core Snaps on AMD 64 and ARM 64. This expansion not only broadens the horizons for Azure IoT Edge applications, but also ensures seamless integration and development across a wider range of devices and systems. Official installation packages for AMD 64 and ARM 64 are now available from  

For more details, see documentation on Azure IoT Edge documentation | Microsoft Learn.  

We also want to recognize the Canonical team members who helped enable this functionality including Alex Lewontin, Michael Croft-White, and Lizzie Epton. Thank you! 

Source is Azure Business News

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