Azure Front Door server variable enhancement general available

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Azure Front Door rules set and server variable allows dynamic modification of request and responses at the edge. For example, you can redirect clients to different pages based on information in the request, or rewrite the URLs, paths and query string;  you can insert, modify or delete HTTP headers in the request or response; you can implement security headers to prevent browser-based vulnerabilities; route requests from different country or devices to different origins; apply different caching polices for different content type, and many more, learn more in What is a rule set? – Azure Front Door | Microsoft Learn

Now we are adding more flexibility by allowing capturing and using the desired URL path segment in URL Redirect, URL Rewrite, and convert the URL path to lowercase or upper case. For example, you need to be able to send different tenants to different origins. The tenant ID is embedded in the URL, e.g. `{tenantId1}/xyz`. You would like to extract `{tenantId}` from the URL so that they can then decide the correct origin to use. Learn more in Server variables – Azure Front Door | Microsoft Learn

Source is Azure Business News

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