Data Center Technician


If you are looking for a position as a Data Center Technician who has a ‘customer first’ mind-set, this offer is for you.


We operate within a market place that is increasingly competitive.  Customers can choose between a significant number of competitors delivering high quality, cost efficient alternatives. As one of a handful of global providers, We have considerable assets and capabilities, along with a significant installed customer base and yet lacks a strong presence in the EMEA market.

Driving a ‘customer first’ mind-set is crucial to our continued success. Customer Operations fuses together the elements of our operations focused on our customers, in order for us to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. As part of the Customer Operations team  your main responsibility is for timely and accurate planning of received customer requests.

Following customer requests you, are engaged in the order intake, preparation, planning and monitoring of all activities related to customer installments. Procurement of necessary equipment. Plan necessary activities to timely deliver the installment. Monitor execution and perform physical inspections of the delivered customer installments to assure proactively correct and timely updates regarding the order status to the customer.


The Data Center Technician carries out daily tasks for and on behalf of customers at one of the our Netherlands sites, in a correct and timely manner and as agreed. A 24×7 shift roster is applicable.

You will be responsible for:

Carrying out tasks at the Site as defined in agreements made with the customer and in the various applicable processes and procedures.

  • Carries out all tasks in accordance with agreed processes and procedures and in accordance with the relevant quality requirements stipulated by us.
  • Works independently or with other Data Center Technicians for the purpose of carrying out tasks for customers in accordance with the daily schedule and the system used (OMS). Keeps the Sr. Engineer and/or Site Supervisor informed regarding the progress of his/her work.
  • Takes customers to their equipment in a professional manner.
  • Makes sure that customers and/or third parties comply with all the (work) regulations as described in the various procedures including health and safety and house rules.
  • Works in accordance with the agreed procedure relating to the receipt/issue of goods for customers and DLR.
  • Hands over any work not yet completed (during the shift) correctly to colleagues in accordance with the relevant procedure used (shift handover).
  • Reports directly to the Sr. Engineer and/or Site Supervisor if work is not carried out in accordance with agreed procedures by customers and/or third parties.
  • Will respond to and comply with customer requests both by telephone and by e-mail or via Remedy in a correct, professional and timely manner in accordance with the relevant agreements.
  • Is responsible for contacting the ICT/Services department, Facilities and/or the Site Manager correctly and in a timely matter during shifts in the event of any calamity relating to the our

Carrying out administrative tasks relating to all the work carried out correctly and in a timely matter in accordance with the agreed procedures and processes.

  • Records all the work carried out correctly and in a timely matter in accordance with the agreed procedures.
  • Informs the Sr. Engineer and/or Site Supervisor regarding work carried out and any peculiarities.
  • Reports incidents in accordance with the relevant agreed procedures.

Plays an active role in connection with the safety aspects which may arise in the work area of Site Operations.

  • Is aware of the aspect of safety and complies with the agreed procedures relating to health and safety and other applicable procedures. Address colleagues, customers and/or third parties in this regard.
  • Strictly complies with the defined procedures relating to the receipt of goods and requests for access. Resolves any problems regarding procedures himself/herself or contacts the Sr. Engineer and/or Site Supervisor if necessary.
  • Makes sure that if there is any possibility of risk to the Site, personnel and/or customers, the agreed procedures are followed and escalated directly within our company if necessary.
  • Makes sure that information provided by customers and/or relating to safety aspects with regard to systems is applied correctly.
  • Makes sure that no confidential information relating to our company is allowed to fall into the hands of unauthorized persons, either physically or by e-mail, in accordance with the relevant processes and procedures.
  • Makes sure that no unauthorized employees and/or third parties have access to systems.


You need to have:

  • Educated to MBO level (Technology)
  • At least 2 years relevant work experience
  • Administrative skills
  • Knowledge of languages: Dutch/English
  • Training to be followed:
  • Internal training
  • BHV
  • Compentences:
  • Customer-oriented
  • Communication skills
  • Flexible
  • Team player
  • Able to take an active approach / work independently
  • Able to take the initiative
  • Able to take on responsibility

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